The number 11 has spiritual significance. According to Numerology, it symbolizes idealism, truth and visionary powers. Those associated with this Master Number are said to be endowed with empathic skills, deep intuition and high-level inspiration. A fitting name for the Las Vegas producer and DJ who's transposed her spiritual truth onto the dance floor. Delivering her personalized brand of house, E11v3n has become a regular on the Vegas club circuit and has performed in major cities across the globe. Now at work on her debut EP, expected out in 2020, she aims to connect listeners not only to the sublime, but divine.

"Music has always been a huge part of my life," she explained. Raised in West Los Angeles, E11v3n has been performing since she was a child. Singing in school musicals throughout elementary and middle school, she discovered turntables as a teenager and fell in love with hip hop and house music. "When I was 21 I bought my technics 12000’s I practiced my craft as a hobby then few years later I truly believed In myself and moved up to the industry standard Pioneer Cdjs got confident, and then decided to go for it professionally." she’s been Inspired by hip hop artists such as 2Pac, Dr. Dre and E-40, along with house producers like Chris lake, Tchami, Malaa and Carl Cox  E11v3n began performing at local parties and clubs, slowly building a reputation for herself and her production skills.

Upon relocating to Vegas, E11v3n found herself performing at some of Vegas' hottest clubs. A regular DJ at Crazy Horse 3, she made an appearance at Sundown Music Festival in Huntington Beach, and had notable international performances in ulawatu, BALI January 2019 and previously a 5-date Canadian tour in 2018. Currently producing her first EP of original tracks and collaborations her forthcoming material blends house with bass house/hip-hop tendencies. With a focus on connecting to audiences, she says her new music is designed to resonate on the dance floor.

"I absolutely love getting lost in the music and moving a crowd," she said. "11 means so many different things so many people -- it’s synchronicity. And I hope people can take that from my music."


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